The Cast of Characters

Who are we talking about here?

The husband: Since he’s a Muppet, and very steady and thoughtful, we’ll call him Rowlf. He looks more like Grover, but I’d rather be married to Rowlf. He’s also got a major Hobbes streak. Technically we met online in 1988. In reality, I used the burgeoning Internet to pursue him because I liked his cartoons. He’s an artist who makes his living helping faculty use technology, but would rather draw monsters all day. He’d also make a great Rabbi. If he were Jewish, that is.

The elder boy: Chuck. He’s 12. Oh, how he is 12. Fortunately, we like 12. He is all about his friends, his cell phone, music, soccer, and his Xbox. In two inches he’ll be taller than me (I’ll keep you all apprised of the growth). He inherited his dad’s artistic talent, easy-going temperament, and imagination. He’s got my eyes and my uncanny ability to remember song lyrics.

The younger boy: Ted. He’s 8. Recently, the husband described him as “a bag full of Muppets.” He loves reading, stuffed animals, yo-yos, and all people, big or small. He’s got a knack for improv, a sunny personality, a nutty imagination, a witty way with words, and a frighteningly sharp memory.

The dog: Selkie. Sweet and a little skittish. Gives us many long-suffering looks. Likes to gnaw on us occasionally. Found in a library parking lot in Malvern, Arkansas and sent to us via Petfinder. She still has a slight accent.

Me? Click “About” up there.

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