Northampton Moment #2

On Tuesday afternoon, I handed a check to Chuck’s Bar Mitzvah tutor at her home.

On Thursday afternoon, I walked into Serio’s Pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Serio’s is a classic, small town, locally owned pharmacy, where apparently, they know me by name.

While I was waiting for my prescription, one of the techs walked up to me and handed me a check they had found on the floor of the pharmacy.

It was the check I gave the tutor two days earlier, folded in half, with a foot print on it, but none the worse for wear.

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3 Responses to Northampton Moment #2

  1. What the?! Hmm, I don’t know how responsible that tutor is! Should you have Chuck’s future Jewish adulthood in her hands? : )

  2. Lisa Prolman says:

    I actually had one of the pharmacists at a chain store hand me a set of pens I had purchased *3 months before in December* when I went in to pick up a new script. “I thought it was you who left these here,” he said. I was floored.

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