There Goes Another One

At the east end of downtown Northampton there is a landmark we affectionately call the truck-eating bridge.

Why? Because it eats trucks.

Nom nom nom.

Mmmm, delicious.

I got this unusual perspective on the most recent banquet because I was biking over the bridge that parallels the railroad. The bridge sheared off part of the truck’s top like it was opening a can of sardines.

This is a New England town, built to the scale of horses and carts, not semis. Signs warn truckers throughout the route into town that the bridge has an 11-foot clearance. Something—stupidity, hubris, laziness, or lack of judgment—leads many truck drivers to their doom each year.

Someday I’ll learn how, exactly, they get the truck unstuck and what happens to these poor schmucks afterwards.

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5 Responses to There Goes Another One

  1. Margaret Miller says:

    don’t you want to tell folks about how we try to entice drivers by painting a mural on the side of the bridge and how we are now holding a contest to find the best mural to be painted on the bridge’s side…thus making it even more distracting to poor truck drivers trying to pass below it? We are talking about the same bridge, I think…

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  3. emilie says:

    I’ve seen them let all the air out of the tires and then drag the truck backwards with a towtruck at a similar bridge in our Minneapolis neighborhood.

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