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The List

Do you ever wonder what goes on in a proto-teenager’s head? Last Saturday, we were driving to a medieval festival in Turner’s Falls, a little town about a half hour north. Chuck was deep in the throes of sleepy-slap-happiness. He … Continue reading

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We’re not supposed to get tornadoes in New England. It’s one of the things I love about living here—the lack of natural disasters. No earthquakes, except for the occasional anomaly, and being this far inland, Northampton generally doesn’t get the … Continue reading

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I think I scooped the Daily Hampshire Gazette on this story, but they did manage to fill out their version with actual facts. The driver in the boat-and-trailer-meet-utility-pole story had spent the day fishing at the Quabbin Reservoir. Apparently a … Continue reading

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Breaking News

About 200 yards down the street from the truck-eating bridge we have a boat-eating utility pole. Apparently Mother Nature didn’t do enough damage in the past 24 hours and some guy thought he’d help her out. Bridge Street has been … Continue reading

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