Breaking News

About 200 yards down the street from the truck-eating bridge we have a boat-eating utility pole. Apparently Mother Nature didn’t do enough damage in the past 24 hours and some guy thought he’d help her out.

Bridge Street has been closed between Market Street and Pomeroy Terrace since late afternoon. The husband and I left the boys to fend for themselves and decided to play citizen reporters.

According to our source (the guy hanging out on his stoop across the street), a pick-up truck towing a boat on a trailer hit a utility pole next to one of the Historic Northampton homes. The trailer jack-knifed and the boat fell off. By the time we got there at 7:45, the truck and boat were gone and the power company guys were fixing the pole. They all looked liked guys who had just weathered a day of storms and tornadoes: weary and annoyed.

Note the badly splintered bottom in front of the power guy

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