The List

Do you ever wonder what goes on in a proto-teenager’s head?

Last Saturday, we were driving to a medieval festival in Turner’s Falls, a little town about a half hour north. Chuck was deep in the throes of sleepy-slap-happiness. He had spent the previous night at the Relay for Life, and by his report, had slept for 45 minutes. I’m still not sure if this includes the period during which he slept on the grass in the shadow of a tent. Regardless, he was a very sleepy boy.

The boys sat in the back of the car, reluctantly coating themselves in sunscreen.

“If I had to list the things I hate most in the world, sunscreen would be on the list,” Chuck asserted.

“And pain.

Sunscreen would be #5.

Pain would be #1.

#2? You know those times when you’re really tired and you’re falling asleep and you want to stay awake, but you can’t? That would be #2.

#3 would be Lady Antebellum.

#4: Toyota Corollas.

#5: Sunscreen.”

Meanwhile, Ted kept repeating “Me? Me? Me? Me?

“You’d be #18,” Chuck assured him.

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One Response to The List

  1. I just want to know what it is about Toyota Corollas. I get the sunscreen thing. I get #18.

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