Northampton Moment #4

Dang, this is a small town.

We don’t know the neighbors in the house kitty-corner to our backyard. It’s a rental, and the tenants seem to change often. We don’t know the property owners, either. This has become a problem: a tree on their property—one that hangs over our yard— is beginning to look quite ill and it needs some attention from the tree guys.*

This morning I left a note in the mailbox of one of the apartments, asking the tenants to send me the landlord’s contact information. I quickly received a nice chatty email with all of the information I needed.

A few hours later, I sat down to work on my current project, an article on a UMass psychology professor, for their Research Annual Report. I started reading about the professor’s work and her research team, and immediately noticed a familiar name.

The psychology professor’s research assistant?

The aforementioned neighbor.

*Our tree guys are Warner Tree Service. They do great work, but mostly I love them because their voice mail message says: “Hi, we’re working in the trees right now and can’t come to the phone,” and it delights me every time.

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