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Snowboarders’ lingo or sex acts made up by my 12-year-old cousin

Snow blower   Shred the gnar   Face shot   Flying Wallenda   Nothin’ but air   Boned out   540 Whizbang   Misty flip   Tail wheelie   Waldorf salad   Risk it for the biscuit   Singing monkey … Continue reading

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Getting it on below Zero

I’m not wearing any long underwear. If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me to bring me back from the brink of hypothermia? Nice dress. Can I talk you into a couple more layers, … Continue reading

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What’s Good (when so much is bad)

It’s already been an exceedingly bad couple of weeks for our country, but in the trump era, every week seems to be exceedingly bad. How do we survive between moments of despair, murderous rage, and calls to our elected officials? … Continue reading

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A Late Spring’s Morning Dream

June 10 started with Shakespeare. At 8:45 in the morning. In a middle school cafeteria. It was the kind of performance that the bard would either find horrifying or hilarious. I’ll bank on the latter. Every year the entire 8th … Continue reading

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There’s a Difference

This is a departure from my typical blog posts, but enough infuriating Facebook conversations, and a girl gets serious. I live in a wonderful little bubble in Northampton, but that won’t matter if Trump is elected president. You say that … Continue reading

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Good Friends

My kids choose good friends. I don’t know why they’ve been so blessed. I certainly didn’t always have such good judgment. I knew this was a good sign even when they were very young. They are naturally cautious, and not … Continue reading

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Mice and Bats and Rats

A few weeks ago, as I sat working on the couch in my sun-filled living room in the middle of the day, a mouse scurried out from the space between the wall and the fridge and got a few feet … Continue reading

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