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The Village Nark

It takes a village to nark on each other’s kids. Ever since we were able to buy a home within walking distance to downtown Northampton, I’ve anticipated with mixed emotions the time when my kids would eventually be out and … Continue reading

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It’s the Little Things

Our doctors’ office is a conventional place. The daytime waiting room is filled with elderly people, the magazines are slightly out of date, and the eye chart begins with E. There’s a sign on the scale that reads “Please let … Continue reading

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Barnes Dance

C3 Northampton, a local artists’ collective, offered a series of walking tours this fall. The first explored hidden spots in town. My favorite detail was the house at the corner of New South Street and Clark Avenue with a window … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking Wins the Day

It is no secret that I love Northampton. This blog, after all, is a paean to my adopted city. But never have I loved Northampton more than today. It is not just that Northampton made an excellent choice in electing … Continue reading

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